quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014

Western concern with the Abkhazia/Russia

During a visit to Georgia, the President of Lithuania, Andris Berzins, expressed concern with the agreement signed between the separatists of Abkhazia and Moscow, qualifying it as "a step backwards" on the stability of the region. The Lithuanian ruler also said that his country and Georgia rely on the help of NATO and the European Union to be achieved a peaceful and stable relationship with Russia.

Despite strong criticism of the Georgian authorities, last Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leader of the separatist Republic of Abkhazia signed in Sochi agreement of Alliance and strategic partnership.

"The goal is to establish absolute safety of existence of Abkhazia, its borders and create conditions for the further development of trade and economic ties," Putin said at the signing of the agreement.

The agreement, with a term of 10 years, establishes a common foreign policy and a commitment from Moscow to help strengthen international relations of Abkhazia and to broaden its recognition as an independent State.

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