terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014

AirAsia plane will be at the "bottom of the sea"

AirAsia's plane that this Sunday, disappeared from radars with 162 people on Board has crashed into the sea.

This is at least the conviction of Indonesian authorities who have already resumed the search.

"Based on the coordinates received and given the evolution of the position on where the plane will have fallen, there is a strong chance that the appliance is at the bottom of the sea" refers to Bambang Sulistyo, responsible for the Indonesian emergency crews.

If this hypothesis is confirmed, the wreckage of the Airbus, which made the link between Indonesia and Singapore, can be found in the next few days.

Search operations are concentrated near the island of Belitung, where the plane disappeared from radar after having request to change altitude due to inclement weather.

Improving weather conditions and the strengthening of media is giving new breath to help teams that don't predict for now to extend the search area.

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia are some of the countries involved in the operations. Also, the United States, the United Kingdom and France say they're ready to help.

De Lurdes Hard Pereira | With AFP, REUTERS

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