terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014

Syriza can win Greek lesgislativas, but no majority

Euronews: the country is on the way to early elections after Parliament haven't given the votes required to elect the President of the Republic. In two words, what got us here?

Stamatis Giannisis: "since the Government failed to persuade the 25 independent members and those of the smaller formations of right and left to support Mr Dimas for the Presidency of the Republic, general elections have become inevitable. In any case, the Government and the opposition were prepared for such development, because the outgoing President's term ends in two months. "

Euronews: in the measurements of recent opinion, the Syriza has a growth between 2.5 and 6.5 percent, even though the possibility of an absolute majority is not likely. What is the feeling on the streets of Athens? What do you want people of these elections? Believe the Syriza can change things?

Stamatis Giannisis: "the truth is that, although most voters do not want early elections, the advantage that the left-wing party Syriza has in recent surveys, about the new democracy conservatives, shows that most Greeks want a political change. Are exhausted with the austerity of four years and are calling for milder conditions to the people. On the other hand, conservatives who have taken the decision-making capacity, appear in this electoral period determined to fight for what they defend "

Euronews: it is certain that the election complicates relations with lenders, the European Union and the IMF and brings back the most pessimistic scenarios. The titles of the press today are talking about a ' Black Monday '. The shareholder market has lost more than 11 percent.

Stamatis Giannisis: "faced with a serious political event, as the call for early elections, stock markets always tend to be sensitive. Moreover, when the political situation is highly polarized, with some members of the current Government to declare openly that if the leftist Syriza party win the election, will lead the country out of the Euro zone. The Syriza rejects these accusations, claiming that it will renegotiate the loan agreement in the euro zone. "

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