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Castro asks the U.S. respect for the Cuban political system

Raul Castro says Cuba is willing to discuss a wide range of issues with the United States, but Washington must respect the Communist regime in force on the island.

On Wednesday, the two countries made the announcement of the intention to normalize diplomatic relations.

At the meeting in Havana, the Cuban President stressed, however, that "in the same way that [Cuba] never asked the United States to change the political system, requires that its is respected".

Castro congratulated Barack Obama's decision and warned that opponents, especially Cubans in exile in American territory, may try to sabotage the rapprochement between the two countries.

The Cuban head of State said that does not ignore "the virulent criticism that President Obama had to face by forces that oppose normalization of relations with Cuba".

In Miami, duaz dozens of organizations of Cuban exiles joined in a demonstration to protest against what they consider a betrayal on the part of Obama and a concession to the Castro regime.

A protester says that "what is happening is nothing more than a surrender by the Administration [u.s.], to prevent democracy reaches Cuba. Is to make concessions to a dictatorship that is not willing to change ".

Miami is the American city with the largest community of Cuban exiles.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With EFE/AFP

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