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USA: Obama condemns killing of two policemen in New York

President Barack Obama, condemned the murder of two police officers in New York, shot inside the patrol car by a man who fled into a subway station and killed himself.

Ismaaiyl, 28 years old, of Brinsley had posted on social networks comments hostile to police citing Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two black men who died (without having to be armed) in police interventions in recent months.

The Mayor of New York recalled the two cops murdered.

"Our city is in mourning, our hearts are broken. We lost two good men who dedicated his life to protect us agent Ramos and agent Liu died on duty to protect the city they loved, "said Bill de Blasio.

Liu Wenjian â€" married two months â€" and Rafael Ramos, were gunned down on Saturday, in the Borough of Brooklyn, in his patrol car. Brinsley Ismaaiyl fired several times through a window and the cops don't have time to react to the attack, being hit in the head.

This incident happens at a time when racial tensions in the United States are running high after police killing unarmed blacks and have not been sentenced.

Fernando Peneda | With LUSA

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