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Hong Kong: pro-democracy movement's founders call for end of occupation

1/2 OCLP founders Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man, You Yiu-ming to surrender at Central Police Station at 3 pm tomorrow pic.twitter.com/ADyavgT6eH

The call to end the occupation arises after the violent clashes recorded Sunday night for Monday morning between police and hundreds of protesters who forced the cordons of security, in Admiralty, and tried to break into government buildings. The authorities have invested in force on pro-democracy activists, those who are now considered the most serious clashes since the start of the protests on September 28.

The alleged fear for the safety of protesters was at the base of the appeal of the founders and the trio's decision to turn himself in to authorities and face the consequences. Beside the Rev. Chu Yiu ming and sociologist Chan Kin-man, law professor Benny Tai was the spokesman: "we respect the determination of students and citizens, in the struggle for democracy. We are outraged by the indifference of the Government. A Government that resorts to police batons to enforce the authority is a Government that has exceeded the bounds of reason. For the sake of safety, the three of us we urge students to vacate the camp. "

Umbrellas seen pepper spray protection in Hong Kong http://t.co/thLGTl5mFQ pic.twitter.com/9pGDhx7Q8W

Benny Tai further explained that the trio will deliver Wednesday to the authorities in a commitment to the rule of law and with the principle of peace and love ". "We don't know what's going to happen after we deliver â€" if we're going to be arrested or placed in freedom â€" but we are prepared for the consequences," said the spokesman of the trio "founder Occupy Central", urging the demonstrators, after withdrawing, "to recover and win", leaving forces understand that the fight for democracy in Hong Kong is not over.

The professor at the University of Hong Kong pointed out that "the surrender is not an act of cowardice", but rather "the courage to act". "Surrender is not to fail, the complaint of a heartless Government silent", Benny Tai, extolling shot courage of demonstrators occupying the streets for more than two months and accused the police of being "out of control", so I defended, the demonstrators must vacate "these dangerous places."

Student leaders in Hong Kong announce hunger strike http://t.co/fWf7AI5Rpa #G1 pic.twitter.com/KSWaZWVk3G

Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man and Chu Yiu-ming founded the civil disobedience movement "Occupy Central" at the beginning of 2013 to push political reforms, but in recent weeks have taken on a more discreet as students have radicalized their actions.

Pro-democracy demonstrators contesting a decision from Beijing that restricts universal suffrage in that autonomous territory. The Chinese central Government insists that candidates for Chief Executive in 2017 of suffrage should be pre-selected by a Committee, a condition rejected by the protesters.

The number of people on the streets has decreased significantly since the end of September, but the activists have held two protest locations: Admiralty, near the Government complex, and other smaller commercial district of Causeway Bay.

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