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Lebanon catches wife and son of the leader of the Islamic State

The wife and the son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were caught near the border with Syria near the Lebanese border town of Arsal, added the same source to France Press.

Lebanon has a wife and a daughter of the leader of the Islamic State. http://t.co/oMm2JIHX59 pic.twitter.com/HBoT0Rlkok

Military sources quoted by the Spanish agency EFE showed that the two detainees were taken to a prison located at the headquarters of the Lebanese Ministry of Defense and will be there for questioning. The local newspaper As Safir said that the detention was carried out in coordination with "foreign intelligence services" and the woman, whose identity was not revealed, was traveling with his son in possession of fake passports.

In Kobane, in northern Syria, continues, however, the fighting between "peshmergas", name given to Kurdish fighters, and armed extremists of the Islamic State. One of the advances of the extremists in the past few hours to regain control of some areas however taken by Kurdish forces, died one of the leaders of the Islamic Group, also known by the English acronym ISIL. The dead man has been identified as a Chechen named emir Asadulá al Shishani.

#Lebanon LBCI: #ISIS Baghdadi wife Suja Alami arrested w son on Madfun checkpt by army Intel http://t.co/qZpNgMw4zI pic.twitter.com/JvkdA7zf3a

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the autonomous Government of Kobane, Idris Nuaman, ISIL Caucasian origin fighters are trying to since last night lost areas to the Kurds in the past three days to the southeast of the city. The Syrian Observatory for human rights added that the Group Islamic State would have already managed to regain control over a vegetable market in East Kobane. The same non-governmental organisation (NGO) revealed that, beyond the emir Chechen, have died other 20 members of the radical Islamic organization and at least three "peshmergas."

The offensive of the ISIL about Kobane began 16 September and in the first few weeks avanaçou quickly. The arrival in the region of "peshmergas" sent by the Government of Iraqi Kurdistan at the end of October has strengthened considerably the resistance of the city to the Islamic State Group invested. The fighting continued in the area.

Islamicstate mujahideen Inside the Security Quarter in Ayn Al-Islam (earlier known as Kobane/Kobani) pic.twitter.com/eUbYW8TIl3"

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