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"Ida" from Polish Pawel Pawlikowski snatches European film awards

The film "Ida", written and performed by the Polish Pawel Pawlikowski, is the big winner of the European Film Academy Awards. The feature film black and white obtained in Riga, in Latvia, the awards for the European film of the year, best screenplay and best Director, as well as the audience's choice award.

For the Polish film director, it was a surprise "surreal", which was also a big night for Poland ".

"I'm happy. Five awards is great and something he didn't expect. Is a kind of daring and difficult, filmed in black and white, with a stationary camera and with actors who are not known outside of Poland. So, it's great that a film that didn't seem promising, all of a sudden have so much success. "

The French actress Marion Cotillard, not present at the ceremony, received the award for best actress. The award for best actor went to Briton Timothy Spall, for her role in "Mr. Turner" by Mike Leigh.

Spall said the pleasure I had to work with the Director, he also English:

"It's always a great challenge, a step in the right direction, working with Mike, because he asks us to contribute and help create the character."

Rodrigo Barbosa

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