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Italy: general strike against Matteo Renzi

The Italy lives a day's general strike against the Government policies of Matteo Renzi.

It is the largest popular challenge since the Prime Minister took office earlier this year.

In various parts of the country, particularly in the two largest cities, Rome and Milan, the strike was accompanied by protests, which degenerated into clashes with police.

The general strike was marked by two major Trade Union Central: "the latest choices of this Government were dramatic. Instead of building a future, as they say, make the future look like a black hole, "said a protester. A student, who participated in the protest, says: "the State wants us to think freely. He wants us to be soldiers to obey the laws of the Government. I'm tired of be quiet ".

Who wasn't happy with the strike were the many tourists who visit Italy. The Rome metro stop, the transport network in major cities was greatly affected and about half of the flights scheduled for this Thursday, in all airports of the country, were canceled.

Terence comes from South Africa and says: "the problems should be resolved without strikes. Is best for the country, which will be able to make more money. How many more strikes if they do, the less wealth the country produces, and that's not good. I don't think it's a good idea ".

The protests focus on the cut of 15 billion euros in public spending and on new law on employment, which makes layoffs. Renzi argues that are necessary measures to combat the recession.

By Ricardo Figueira | With AFP, REUTERS, RAI, APTN

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