segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2014

Moldova: elections to decide European or Russian path

The similarity of neighboring Ukraine, the former Soviet Republic must decide whether to embrace European integration or follows in the footsteps of association with Putin's Russia.

On one side is a pro-European Coalition, marked by antagonism, on the other, parties who opt for the support of Moscow, but no Coalition will be difficult to control the power in Chisinau.

"A coalition is very difficult because of differences between the three parties pró-russos. Is a that antagonism was impossible to overcome, that's why I was very calm in relation to participation in this election campaign, says pro-Russian Igor Botan, an analyst at the ' think tank ' ADEPT.

On Saturday, the Electoral Commission has banned a pro-Russian party for alleged foreign financing.

Euronews's Envoy, Sergio Cantone, States that "a controversy about the legitimacy of the electoral process are usually a bad auspices for the stability of countries. And this applies also in Moldova, especially if we take into account what happens right now in Eastern Europe.

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