segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2014

Moldavia: one country between a rock and a hard place

The results of legislative elections in Moldova promise to dictate the direction of the country in relation to the European Union.

Threats from Moscow and the Ukrainian example are to divide the population.

Pró-russos parties promise, for example, tearing the association agreement with the European Union.

In another field, are democratic Liberals and that recognize the weight of opponents in the political context of the country.

"It is desirable that the Communists may represent a constructive political force. In this case we would have two coalitions: a European Pro and another of opposition. Then it was a matter of finding a way to work together "means Dumitru Diacov, leader of the Democratic Party.

The Motherland Party was prevented from performing in the electoral race allegedly for financing illegal alien. But the leader of the pro-Russian training believes there's another reason.

"Given the exclusion of a key party in the electoral race we think the outcome is decided at the outset" refers to Ilian Casu Fatherland party.

The nearly three million voters choose between more than 20 political forces. The latest polls show that it's all open.

Euronews: "these elections are marked by several controversies that may somehow influence the final result. The aspirations of the country seem to be closer to Europe, but the future Government will also take into account other aspirations. "

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