segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2014

OSDH accuses Ankara of supporting extremist Islamic State

The balance is made by OSDH, Syrian Observatory for human rights, which Ankara accuses of supporting terrorists.

The organization offers as evidence a video with images of an alleged sniper in the service of the fundamentalists to operate from Turkish territory.

The Observatory for human rights says that the car used in the suicide bombing, this Saturday against a border post controlled by Kurds, came from Turkey.

The Turkish authorities deny any involvement.

"Accusations that the extremists of the Islamic State are using Turkish territory are unfounded. This is not happening. Our border is being watched 12:0 am a day, which makes any attempt to cross to Turkish territory "means the Governor of Sanliurfa, Izzettin Kucuk.

Statements that do not convince the Kurdish community. In Turkey, dozens of people demonstrated, this Sunday against the policy of Ankara which, they say, threatens to throw the already fragile peace process.

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