terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

Syria: Kobane in ruins and U.N. suspends aid for lack of financial resources

Formerly with about 50 thousand inhabitants, the town located near the border with Turkey is practically a huge pile of rubble, where however live many of those who failed to escape.

Among those who stayed is a Kurdish woman who lost one of the daughters, injured during a bombing:

"We were hit by a mortar. I carried my two daughters were injured in my lap. One of them was sent to Turkey and died there. Bring your body here and sepultámo it in Kobane ".

Local authorities estimate that about 2,000 people, mostly Kurds, still remain in the city. Many others managed to get out of town but the entrance to Turkish territory is difficult because Ankara has hosted more than 160 thousand Syrians fleeing the war.

"The Turks treat us badly. They won't let us enter and return. They won't let us feed. Nothing, nothing. The YPG sends us some bread and food from the city ", underlined a refugees on the outskirts of Kobane

The UN announced that humanitarian aid was suspended for lack of financial resources.

In its largest humanitarian appeal ever, the United Nations requested assistance amounting to 3.74 billion dollars, but so far only received 39% of this amount.

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