terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2014

Pakistani Government Announces executions and calls for vigilance against terrorist attacks

On Sunday, the victims of the attack were remembered during a religious vigil held in the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Lahore. The gesture was repeated in other Christian congregations across the country.

The Government however has already released the alert. The Interior Minister claims that the extremists are reportedly preparing a new attack.

"After this incident and the death sentences that have been complied with, in addition to the military operations that are ongoing in the region, we are receiving information that suggested that extremists were preparing a new attack. We all need to be alert, "said Pakistani Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during a public meeting.

In the latest development, the Government said Monday it will run at least 500 sentenced to death over the next few weeks. The announcement puts an end to the suspension of the death penalty in force since 2008.

The Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, had promised to negotiate peace with Taliban forces but the attempt last week put an end to the efforts. The Government reacted by launching an offensive against extremist bases along the border with Afghanistan.

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