terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2014

South American countries have example of reforestation during the climate summit

In a clear sign of commitment, eight South American countries will put into practice the 20 million hectares reforestation of degraded lands until 2020. The program counts with a private fund of 365 million euros.

But most hope rests on the action of more than 195 countries working together to curb the so-called greenhouse effect. It is hoped that an agreement will be signed in Paris in December of next year.

However, also in Peru, the ecologist organisation Greenpeace appealed to the lines of Nazca desert to draw the attention of the world.

"We think that these lines are a symbol of climate change. What happened here in the past, on a small scale, it happens now in a much larger dimension. The Nazca culture disappeared because of climate change, "says Wolfgang Sadik, of Greenpeace.

Birds or monkeys Giants entered in the ground by an ancient civilization that will be gone because of the weather.

History repeats itself or not, it all depends, in part, of the will of man.

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