sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

Today celebrated the 10 anniversary of the tsunami

The December 26, 2004, a tsunami of unprecedented proportions has hit 14 countries in Asia and the East coast of Africa.

The tenth anniversary of the catastrophe is concluded this Friday, in several countries, such as India.

Don't forget those who survived and continues to live in fear.

"Fear. Is fear. Whenever we look at the ocean, we remember how this same sea killed all these people. Nobody can imagine the fear that we still have. We didn't want to be near the ocean, and then we moved to the Western side, far from the sea, to a small house, made available by the Government, "says a woman.

The balance sheet is not yet enclosed. 230 thousand were killed, but many people still unaccounted for.

The Thailand was another of the countries should fight. Here died more than five thousand people. More than 2,000 were tourists

In evocation, attended many Europeans. A German tourist is said to be particularly touched by the celebration:

"I didn't expect to be so touched by my birthday, because I visited this place several times after that. But now it's completely different, it's a different experience, stay in touch with all these people "

A lot of people were here, looking for a dream vacation, when, the December 26, 2004, the sea rose in revolt, devouring everything he found in front of her.

Ten years later, there are still many wounds that do not heal The landscape will never be the same again.

And the panic is latent. Persists the fear that one day everything will repeat itself.

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