sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

Iraq and Turkey agree cooperation to fight against the Islamic State group

Ankara is ready to increase military assistance to Iraq, according to Turkish Prime Minister the country can come also to send weapons to the Iraqi territory:

"We are open to suggestions to support the Iraqi Government. The talks with Iraqi security authorities, to increase cooperation in the fields of training and in other fields, are ongoing. We are ready to give every kind of help ",

In Kobani heard a strong explosion. Kurdish fighters have advanced slowly in this city over the past few weeks, backed by Iraqi Peshmerga fighters.

In Jordan the father and brother of the pilot, captured by the Group Islamic State, have asked that this be treated as a guest and not as a hostage.

The Jordan air force pilot would overfly the region of Raqqa, northern Syria, when his plane crashed and was eventually caught.

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