sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2014

Ukraine: Poroshenko sauda 12:0 am from "real" ceasefire

On an official visit to Australia, Petro Poroshenko stressed that it is vital that the Ukrainian Army and the separatists pró-russos continue to respect the ceasefire:

"It was the first night that we haven't had nor soldiers killed or wounded in that there were no dead or wounded civilians. Were just 12:0 am and everything continues to be quite fragile, but I pray that we continue with this process. "

The relative optimism of the head of State, contrasts with the position of the spokesman for the army, which yesterday announced two dozen violations of the truce in the space of a day and, in particular, the deaths of three soldiers.

The separatists said, for their part, have withdrawn heavy weapons from the front, although there is no independent confirmation.

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