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USA: "I can't breathe" becomes rallying cry of revolt against the police for the death of Eric Gardner

RIP Eric Gardner.

The victim will have been caught selling illegal cigarettes and a police team tried to stop him. Faced with the resistance of powerful Eric to be handcuffed, the authority agents have resorted to joint force to take him down and one of them â€" presumably, Daniel Pantaleo â€" will have grabbed the suspect by the throat in an attempt to subdue him.

Asthmatic, the victim quickly began to reveal a hard time breathing. "I can't breathe" ("I can't breathe", in Portuguese), will have been the last words uttered repeatedly by Eric Gardner, the 17 July, after aggressive crackdown. The autopsy would later reveal that the victim succumbed due to "compression of the neck and chest against the ground."

so first darren Wilson goes free, now the officer who killed #EricGardner does too?? this is insane. murder...

The fatal confrontation was filmed by witnesses, but even with the images and audio from the grand jury record of New York understand there is "probable cause" to charge the agent of authority of any responsibility in the death of Eric Gardner.

"It's completely wrong. He [the police] is a killer. This was a cold-blooded murder. We're not the ones who said, was the cardinal: a murder in cold blood. Is this. It was a homicide. A murder ", screamed Jenny Chambers, a resident of Staten Island outraged by court decision.

Protesters on 50th Street are chanting, "I am Eric Gardner." #EricGarner

The phrase "I can't breathe" ("I can't breathe") became the motto of these new protests against the alleged abuse of authority committed by u.s. security forces. After the grand jury decision New York, thousands of people took to the streets in several cities to protest against the decision. At least 30 have been detained by police forces, who would later refuse to update this information.

Soon after the acquittal of the police, Gardner's mother gave a press conference to criticize the American justice and, on the other hand, praising the Government's intention of Barack Obama in open a new investigation into this case, which come join Michael Brown, another American citizen black dead after a police action in the city of Ferguson.

This other case triggered several riots of the black community of St. Louis after refusal of Missouri grand jury in accusing the agent, also white, who would the August 9, shot an unarmed young black man, to 18 years.

Resignation of Darren Wilson, who killed Michael Brown #Ferguson

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