quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014

USA: study of the senatorial Committee is devastating for the CIA

"The actions of the CIA in the last decade are a stain on our values and history"

The senatorial Committee's report of u.s. intelligence published this Tuesday is devastating for the CIA.

In a speech in the Senate, the head of the Commission of inquiry on covert action, Dianne Feinstein, said the study demonstrates that enhanced interrogation techniques not produced results and that the CIA withheld and gave wrong information, not only the White House, as well as to all u.s. Government departments and also to the press.

"The actions of the CIA in the last decade are a stain on our history and values. The publication of this summary of 500 pages doesn't erase that stain. However, can and should say to our people and the world that America is big enough to admit when you're wrong and you have the confidence to learn from mistakes, "said Feinstein.

Carried out for several years and based on millions of documents and testimonies, the study also observes that the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques used on was George w. Bush after the September 11 attacks, were much more brutal than was reported before.

The Republican leaders reacted immediately, claim that the CIA techniques have given de facto results were useful to the security of the country.

The Euronews correspondent in Washington, Stefan Grobe, says that "should the CIA be criticized or decorated, as former Vice President Cheney, the report triggered a new internal political battle in Washington along partisan lines. The theme of that torture results in more security is controversial, even among experts. "

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