sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Anti-terrorism: registration of the identity of air passengers is essential

A European identity registration system of air passengers is an essential measure in the anti-terrorism struggle, considered the Ministers of Interior and justice in the European Union, meeting, this Thursday in Riga.

Faced with some reservations expressed in the past by the European Parliament, the French ruler, Bernard Cazeneuve said that "the goal is to implement this mechanism, now so necessary, after obtaining a commitment to MEPs to ensure them the privacy protection of personal data."

The free movement of persons within the 28 countries of the Union should not be called into question, but the Ministers want to increase border control at external borders, which give access to this zone, known as the Schengen area.

The Spanish ruler, Jorge Fernández Díaz, stressed that "there is a huge consensus in favor of the measure proposed by the European coordinator of the anti-terrorism struggle since everyone realized that there is a high threat level".

Isabel Marques da Silva

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