sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2015

USA: Guantánamo Refund out of the agreement with Cuba

Guantanamo serves an important American naval base and a rather controversial detention center.

The information was made public by the White House, after a position of Havana.

"It is clear that there is a range of disagreements between the United States and Cuba, more directly between the Government of the United States, our values and the Cuban Government and the values of them who can't code. There have been a number of our concerns with how the Castro regime treats political dissidents, the way they treat individuals who are trying to express their ideas freely. And even the way they treat some reporters, "said the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest.

The Cuban President Raul Castro made it known on Wednesday that the restitution of the territory of 116 km2 was a condition for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Guantanamo is administered by Washington following a treaty signed in 1903.

A step of opening this Thursday, a group of senators, Republicans and Democrats, have introduced a Bill in the US Congress for the lifting of all travel restrictions to and from Cuba.

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