quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

Auschwitz: Survivors don't want your past is the future of the new generation

For 70 years, Halina Birenbaum came with his family from the Warsaw ghetto, but was left alone soon upon arrival. And witness:

-Anything you remember, even remotely, something human. When we're here, we're not anywhere else in the world, is to die, dwell in the mud, covered with excrement and blood.

Kazimierz Albin â€" I was in Auschwitz, during two years I've been estranged because of the transformation of hell. Since the first day, continues a fight without truce by biological survival. The struggle to get the largest number of dead humans and preserve human dignity. Merciful fate allowed me to be here today, in front of the monument of the victims of the nazis. We do, for them, a moment of silence.

Roman Kent â€" the heartbreak, the cries of children plucked their mothers, the brutal action of the torcionários, they will sound in my ears to death. We, the survivors, we share a common goal with the current generation. We, the survivors don't want our past is the future of our children.

Among the 40 heads of State and international representatives, were the Kings of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Presidents of France, Germany, Ukraine and Austria. All walked 700 meters to deposit a candle (earlier on) in monumneto to the victims of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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