sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2015

Demonstrations and threats against editing the Charlie Hebdo

Around the world there are reports of threats or protests because of the latest edition of the Charlie Hebdo.

In Belgium, in Jette, on the outskirts of Brussels, a kiosk of newspapers received anonymous threats because of the sale of the paper.

The owner says: "Let's do as usual, let's open the shop like everyday and we will sell as usual."

He received many orders? "We received many orders but not saved anyone. Usually we have only three copies and this week we received more than 100 orders. Answer not everybody "

In Turkey, hundreds of people protested on the streets of Istanbul against the opposition newspaper, Cumhuriyet, who published a selection of cartoons from this week's Edition of the Charlie Hebdo. The Prosecutor opened an inquiry, the demonstrators demanding the punishment of the newspaper.

The Prosecutor opened an investigation against the newspaper.

"Our edge is the Prophet. Islam has an interpretation as to glorify the prophets of all religions. But this is not a healthy faith. This is being insulting and is thus for several years ".

Also in Pakistan, hundreds of people came out to the streets in protest, the same day that a law was passed that condemns the dissemination of images representing the Prophet published in the satirical French newspaper.

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