sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2015

Hyper hero Kosher receives French Legion of honor and naturalization

The Government decided to give the green light to the request that Lassana had presented in July 2014 and assign him the Legion of honor. "Among the people who were with me had a baby two years ago, when we were in the cold Chamber. I put them inside, closed the door and told them: You are here calm and I'll leave. After I entered the elevator and went upstairs. I looked left and right and didn't see anybody. I rushed out and saw the cops that I was told to lie on the floor, with your hands on your head, "he says.

Lassana got out through elevators and once abroad helped the police to prepare the assault.

Says that when they left, the hostages thanked him for having hidden in the establishment's cold room.

The next day, the Minister of the Interior gave the order approving the application for naturalization, the President Francois Hollande called him to thank and Benjamin Netanyahu paid tribute to him in the synagogue of victory.

Lassana, a Muslim, says he hasn't hid Jews, hid human beings.

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