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Ebola in Africa: controlled Players and new cases in fall

Winner of the #BallondOr-@Cristiano was a part of the #FIFA11AgainstEbola message. #Ebolachat pic.twitter.com/3vbmFgRoW6

According to the Confederation of African football (CAF), players of all selections in proof should go through the capital Malabo and there being subjected to tests for detection of Ebola. Those who reveal any signs of having the virus or refuse to be examined may be placed in quarantine until 21 days.

The fear of the Ebola epidemic was the reason evoked by Morocco for the last hour, refusing to organise the evidence currently on its territory, as predicted, requesting postponement â€" not accepted.

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With CAN pull this Saturday, the latest report of the World Health Organization (who) show that Equatorial Guinea, staged the African evidence similar to the European Football Championship in selections, recorded the lowest number of new cases in a single week since August 17. In the last 21 days, more were confirmed 230 cases for a total of 2514 people, of which 1530 died.

See here the who position paper

Liberia registered the week with the lowest number of new cases since the first week of June 2014, and in the last two days of the week that ended June 11 there was no new confirmed case. In the last 21 days, the country has just 48 new cases, a cumulative total of 3127 people with confirmed infection.

RT @blackvoices: 1st Ebola clinic for pregnant women opens in Sierra Leone http://t.co/0zp9K8Oxje pic.twitter.com/0t7CYs39v9 @wellbeingafrica

Sierra Leone finally registered the second week with the new cases falling, reaching the best result since August 31. Still, in the last 21 days there were 769 cases in the country, a total of 7786 people, of whom 2696 died.

[WT] Sierra Leone president predicts 0 Ebola cases by March end http://t.co/nsOxnecNyq #EBOLANEWS

In the balance sheet total of who, in these three countries in West Africa have been among cases confirmed 21261, probable or suspected. Of these, 1047 in the last 21 days. In all, in Equatorial Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, already attacked by the dead Ebola 8414 people.

"The decline is real, but that doesn't mean the fight is over," warned Tarik Jasarevic, spokesman for the who, speaking to France Press.

"@ONECampaign: Interview: Tarik Jasarevic on WHO response to #Ebola outbreak http://t.co/dYUyoDZ7Wf via @UNFoundation pic.twitter.com/lTqoPCIHhp"

Of Francisco Marques | With OMS, LUSA, AFP

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