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Egypt back judging journalists from Al-Jazeera

The Australian Peter Greste and Egyptians Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were sentenced in June to seven to ten years in prison, for allegedly colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood and spread false news of Egypt.

The families of the three men sought the annulment of the verdict and they were immediately released.

Still, the defense lawyer says the decision Awni Rajaa repeating the trial shows that "the court erred in law enforcement, because it was established illegally and ignored the defense, believing that everyone who works for Al-Jazeera belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not logical."

Headquartered in Qatar, the Al-Jazeera demanded that the process take place "quickly" and that results in the release of the journalists, to put an end to that described as "injustice".

Outside the Court, in Cairo, the brother of Mohamed Fahmy says to expect "continue reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar and regresses this matter positively. These journalists were oppressed. Are professionals who do not belong to any terrorist group and may not hurt Egypt. I hope they are released ".

The date of the new trial is not yet known. According to the defense, the process can be extended for a year, or even a year and a half.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP

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