sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2015

2015 received with a lot of color and animation all over the planet

A spectacular firework, the usual Frank Sinatra anthem to New York as a soundtrack and a million people determined to celebrate the New Year in Times Square. 2015 arrived in style at the center of the more cosmopolitan American city, despite the strong security device and a hundred demonstrators have defied the ban to protest against police brutality.

The British capital also not defrauded the tradition that captivates thousands of tourists, illuminated the skies of London to welcome the new year. At the same time, continental Portugal and Madeira also celebrated the arrival at 2015. The Azores made him an hour earlier.

In Paris, the Arch of triumph lit up the Champs Elysees. Hundreds of thousands of people partied in what is known as "the most beautiful Avenue in the world". Difficult is figuring out whether you'd be present more French or tourists in one of the capitals of the world most sought-after for these celebrations.

Further north, the canals of Amsterdam also proprocionaram a Faerie scenario. The Dutch capital bejewelled and deserves to appear on televised reports from around the world.

In a tone more ceremonious, the Japanese paid appropriate homage to the gods and asked for protection for the next 365 days, revealing a spirit of sacrifice to win these benefits.

A roundup of new year's celebrations cannot miss Sydney, Australian town famous for winning competitions in pyrotechnics. The Bay is one of the most beautiful amphitheaters for the spectacle of light around the globe who earlier opened the champagne bottles.

11: 00 UTC â€" Auckland, New Zealand

13: 00 UTC â€" Sydney, Australia

15: 00 UTC â€" Tokyo, Japan

16: 00 UTC â€" Hong Kong, China

21: 00 UTC â€" Moscow, Russia

22: 00 UTC â€" Athens, Greece

23: 00 UTC â€" Paris, France

00: 00 UTC â€" London, United Kingdom

02:00 UTC â€" Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

05: 00 UTC â€" New York, USA

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