quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015

Shanghai receives 2015 with tragedy

Most of the wounded has been forwarded to the central hospital of the city. Pictures placed on the net show people receiving assistance and a large number of policemen in the area.

PHOTOS: 35 + Killed, Dozens Injured After Stampede During Shanghai New Years Eve Event-http://t.co/jLJ9SwfBHl pic.twitter.com/MDEOnRgSjL

A sudden stampede at a New Years celebration in Shanghai has left at least 35 dead http://t.co/Huo0svmYFz #NYE party #Shanghai fail

Family and friends seen in distress at #Shanghai hospitals after deadly New Year stampede http://t.co/uRuNuPn70z pic.twitter.com/sipBXrCZ3m

By Ricardo Figueira | With AFP, ANSA

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