terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2015

Fall of the F-16 Greek: all the dead in land were French

Ten people died in the crash of an F-16 from Greece in Spanish air force base of Los Llanos in Albacete.

The plane, which participated in a NATO program, crashed after takeoff.

The fighter crashed in a hangar, after takeoff. The disaster killed the two pilots and eight people on the ground. Made at least 21 wounded: "it was all very fast. Only eight or ten meters after takeoff, the plane turned right, crashed and exploded, "says an eyewitness.

The pilots were to participate in a programme of improvement. The School of improvement of NATO Pilots are installed at this air base and hosts aircraft from all Member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

The pilots were both Greeks. Already the eight dead people on the ground were all of French nationality. Among the wounded, at least 10 French and 11 Italians. The figures were confirmed by channel Tele 5 for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

By Ricardo Figueira | With EFE, LUSA

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