quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

France reinforces police means, justice and prisons to fight terrorism

The French Prime Minister presented a new plan to combat terrorism, this Wednesday, two weeks after the attacks in Paris.

The measures include the creation of additional jobs 2,680 in the police sector, justice, intelligence and prison services.

A strengthening justified by Manuel Valls by 130% increase in the number of suspects of links to jihadi groups, when there are currently more than 2,500 individuals watched by the authorities.

"It's the terrible shock which we live and which reminded us of the intensity of the threat that weighs on our country and remains today at a very high level. The action against terrorism, jihadism, radical Islam will be a long-haul fight ".

Beyond the creation of new jobs in the next three months, the Government has earmarked 425 million euros to improve the functioning of the police, secret services and prisons.

An amount will be invested in computer systems to control jihadist propaganda on the Internet, as in strengthening the protection of police officers with new weapons and bullet-proof vests for all agents.

The measures also include the fight against religious extremism, particularly within the French prisons, with the creation of isolation areas for individuals suspected of spreading radical ideals.

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