sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

Indonesia: rescue teams recover bodies of victims of the air tragedy

Indonesian rescue teams have recovered 16 bodies of the AirAsia plane which crashed in the Java Sea. A number that is expected to rise in the next few hours. The search continues off the island of Borneo. Apart from Indonesia participating in this effort, countries such as Australia, China, United States, Malaysia and Singapore. This Friday reaches the scene a vessel with underwater acoustic detection apparatus and a French team that investigates all accidents with Airbus aircraft. These experts aim to find the black boxes in the Airbus 320-200 of AirAsia.

Indonesian operatives are working tirelessly and promise to retrieve anything you find, and in particular the bodies and the goods of the occupants of flight QZ8501.

Yesterday was to bury the first victim of the plane crash to be identified. A woman who was traveling with her husband, a son and the mother-in-law.

AirAsia's plane crashed on Sunday with 162 people on board. It is rumored that a rise too fast, at a rate lower than required, may have led to the loss of support of the appliance.

John Peseiro Monteiro | With REUTERS, AFP, REUTERS

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