terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

Obama faces the State of the nation divided

This is the first time since his election in 2008, which Obama faces a Congress totally controlled by the opponents.

The Democrats suffered a big blow in the November elections, although the country is in good shape, both in terms of growth and employment.

For this reason, the head of the White House have said to the representatives, Democrats in the Senate, which has no intention of spending two years on the defensive.

The history Professor Allan Lichtman, explains what's at stake:

Allan Lichtman-the President has to worry about two things: the first is his political legacy, the second is to think you're doing what's best for the country, and he seems focused on these last two points. Is more "himself", less dominated by advisers. Therefore, it is no wonder that the popularity ratings have improved. People like politicians when they are genuine. “

Lichtman believes in the hypothesis that a democratic President and a Republican Congress paralysing the country in the next two years of cohabitation.

Allan Lichtman â€" it is always necessary to feed the rhetoric of bipartisanship, because the American people â€" the same that believes in fairies â€" still believe in bipartisanship, which in reality does not exist. Then there are issues on which Republicans and Democrats simply don't agree. On the key issues, there is a deep ideological division between the two parties.

The Obama plan continues to be raising taxes on families with incomes above 500 thousand dollars annually and create a new tax for banks, to finance middle-class subsidies â€" in the area of health and education.

"Tuesday night, President Obama will show a European-style social democratic level, who fights for the middle class against heartless Republicans. Obama says he wants to work with Congress, but the lines of battle are already outlined. "

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