sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2015

Parisians, tourists and immigrants in the city of lights condemn attack

NOT AFRAI D: Thousands gathered in Paris in support of freedom of expression. AFP #JeSuisCharlie

"This is too much. Is barbaric. That's not good. These were innocent people. It is unacceptable, "said a man. A woman wondered: "How is that these stories can happen around the religion? We are all human beings. I cannot understand. "

A Brazilian said "this type of attack is cowardice". "The cause of them ... There is no explanation as to why they act this way", was considered.

A man expressing himself in Arabic with Egyptian pronunciation said: "I condemn this attack. In the Quran, God tells us that those who did not attack us, we should treat them well and with respect. "

Cartoonists stand in solidarity with #CharlieHebdo victims with these powerful images

.AP photos: Thousands gather in Lyon, central France, to pay respects after <a href="">#CharlieHebdo</a> terror attack <a href=""></a><p>â€" Oliver Darcy (oliverdarcy) 7 janeiro 2015

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