quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015

QZ8501: confirm Authorities have detected structure of the A320 in sea background

The Indonesian authorities have confirmed finding the structure of what is left of the A320 AirAsia which crashed in the Java Sea on Sunday.

A boat onto the wreck using sonar equipment.

In crisis cell at the airport in Surabaya, in Indonesia, it is time to begin to identify the bodies of the victims of the A320 AirAsia

This Wednesday morning resumed search and rescue forces recovered three more bodies, including that of a flight attendant. Have already been removed from the sea a total of six corpses and not 40 as was previously reported.

The images of the plane's parts, in particular the bodies, created a great excitement among the victims ' relatives, who know now the fate of flight QZ8501.

At least six Nations participating in an effort that already has about 30 ships and 20 aircraft.

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