quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2014

Russian dissident sentenced and detained

The Russian dissident, Alexei Navalny, was arrested on the afternoon of Tuesday, in Mosvoco, little after hearing a case to a court that the condemned to three and a half years ' imprisonment with suspended sentence.

Navalny was already in prison domiciária, with electronic bracelet, since February.

At the time of detention, had violated house arrest and was preparing to participate in a demonstration of his supporters.

22 more people were arrested.

The Tuesday demonstration was unauthorized. There was one other authorized, to January 15, the date originally scheduled for the reading of the sentence. But the Court anticipated reading of the case, and demonstrators anticipated concentration also.

Navalny is still met with some of his supporters and journalists. In a short speech recognized your condition of home detention, but also his willingness to be with those who support it.

The conviction was read out today corresponds to a theft of almost 500 thousand euros that will be implemented, with the help of brother Oleg, the secursal mosvocita of the French company of cosmetics, Yves Rocher.

Oleg was sentenced to a prison term of three and a half years.

Alexei was sentenced a year ago to a prison term suspended for five years.

Alexei Navalny is considered the main political rival of the President, Wladimir Putin.

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