quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Sri Lanka indulta 600 prisoners during Pope's visit Francisco

Sri Lanka received the Pope's visit Francisco with an amnesty is exceptionally located for more than 600 prisoners. The Government announced this Wednesday-does the pardon, when the two-day visit of the Supreme Pontiff is marred by renewed appeals for peace and reconciliation in the Buddhist country, marked by 26 years of civil war which caused more than 100 thousand dead.

A resident says, "frankly there are certain people who are comfortable in crowds, in comparison with other politicians who do not like to face them. And the Pope is one of these people who can speak with everybody ".

The Pope celebrated a mass in St. Francis Church of our Lady of Madhu, in the Northwest of the country, in front of thousands of people, where religions called for help to heal the wounds of decades of conflict between the army and the armed group of the Tamil Tigers.

A doubly symbolic location for the Christian minority in the country, where 40 people had died during a military strike in 1999.

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