quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Charlie Hebdo: the controversy continues

The weekly that in the space of a week lost journalists, cartonistas and renowned developers continues to generate controversy. Since then, for bringing the first page Prophet Mohammed caricature.

Most countries of the Middle East criticized the choice of paper. The Egyptian Islamic Authority speaks of "a provocation" that incites to hatred. The reviews also arrive from Jordan and Morocco. Some Muslim analysts consider, however, that the latest caricature of the Prophet is not offensive.

Generally speaking, the Spanish media welcomes the publication of the Special Edition of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly newspaper regarded as a symbol of freedom of expression. "El Pais" said to be "With Charlie Hebdo". The caricaturists from countries like Ecuador seized the opportunity to criticize the censorship imposed by the Government of Rafael Correa.

The Belgian daily Le Soir published two pages with caricatures of the weekly and reminded that what is at issue is not the content of the satirical French newspaper, but the defense of a principle.

Charlie Hebdo opened most British newspapers, but the cover was reproduced in full in The Independent and The Guardian. The latter, however, warned readers to the possibility of the "Severn content."

Iran has condemned the decision of Charlie Hebdo to bring to front page caricature of the Prophet Muhammad and speaks of a provocation. According to a spokesman for the Foreign Minister not everything justifies the right to freedom of expression.

Distribution teams of Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet were surprised by police this morning. An action motivated by rumors that the newspaper was preparing to play the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. A situation which was not the case.

The Special Edition of the Charlie Hebdo arrives in Portugal on Friday. The Distributor, MLP Messageries de Presse Lyonnaises claims to have sent 500 copies for Portugal. A number which will not allow sellers to respond to requests.

The controversy passed next to the Russian press. Last week, Moscow condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris, underlining at the same time as the caricaturists have gone too far.

Ukrainian social networks compare the attack on the French satirical weekly, in Paris, to what occurred Tuesday in Eastern Ukraine, against a passenger bus. People are in both cases can read "victims of terrorism"

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