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Could have been in the news: Gorlitz, Ottomans and a rental village

The German city of Gorlitz, which serves as a backdrop for the movie "Budapest Hotel", back to wonder about a mysterious benefactor. The local Council has received this week, about half a million euros from a anonymous donor, which for more than two decades deposits every year the sum of € 511,500 on bank account of the municipality. An anonymous donor, but whose intention is well known, preserve and restore the historic heritage of the city centre, for pleasure of the inhabitants, tourists and filmmakers as Wes Anderson.

Fonte: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Mayor of Megyer, Kristóf Pajer, decided to rent the Centre of the small village with only 20 inhabitants, EUR 700 per day. the announcement published on the internet represents an original way of trying to raise funds towards the depopulation of the town. The rent includes the possibility of being Deputy Mayor for one day, beyond the privatization of four streets, the President's Office and seven houses of rural tourism.

Fonte: Origo.hu

After 15 long years of reconstruction, the frigate "Hermione" anchored in the French port of La Rochelle, in the East of the country.

The three-masted vessel that transported in the 18th century the troops of general La Fayette to the United States, in 1780, during the war of independence, should return the head briefly to North America.

To learn more: http://www.hermione2015.com/

The Vice President of the Spanish Parliament, Celia Villalobos, was picked up this week with eyes on the "tablet" during the State of the nation speech of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The newspaper La Marea revealed the theme that dominated the attention of the former Minister: a particularly difficult game of the popular game "Candy Crash".

Despite images, Villalobos, denied having been busy with video games, claiming to have been only to read the international press.

Half a truth revealed by humorous News El Intermedio according to which, the Vice President of Parliament would be playing, not "Candy Crash", but the new game from Disney, "Frozen Free Fall".

Source: La Marea

If the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not like to be treated "Sultan", the truth is that the conservative politician never hid his fascination with Ottoman era. A theme party organized by his party, AKP, with actors dressed in military uniforms of the era seems to have launched a new fashion among the political figures of their training.

@favrizki pic.twitter.com/m1GD3RqJoI

In the race for the nomination of candidates for the legislative training, some party members do not hesitate to get introduced to the campaign in "uniform war", as the candidate for Ankara, Cihangir Tahir.

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