sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Hong Kong: sentenced to 6 years in prison for torturing Indonesia domestic

The judges condemned to six years in jail a mother of two children by torture, intimidate and exploit an employee for six months.

A decision celebrated by the associations that are fighting for the rights of more than 300 thousand foreign maids who work in the region.

"What happens is that the abuses will continue to occur, even after this victory in the courts, because the policies of discrimination are continuing," said a Filipino maid.

Since the beginning of January, the case of maltreatment on the maid of 23 years shocked public opinion in the former British colony.

The mistress of the young man was convicted of 18 charges including, physical violence, intimidation and non-payment of wages, as well as attempted escape after the case have been revealed by the local press.

The case uncovers the precarious situation of migrant workers in Hong Kong, with salaries of less than 500 euros, a day off a week, and a trip paid to home country every two years.

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