segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

Hungary: protests against the Government

In front of the Parliament the demonstrators insisted it was clear that the German Chancellor should get tough with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and require that respected democratic values in Europe, which allegedly is not made by the Hungarian Executive.

"I hope that Mrs Merkel tell Viktor Orbán that should behave like a European, but I fear that five hours don't come to this," said one protester.

"We're here for many more reasons, not just because of the visit of Mrs Merkel. I would like someone finally said to wake up and see that we are not going in the right direction, the path we chose for 25 years, "said another of those present.

The Euronews correspondent in Budapest accompanied the protests in the Hungarian capital.

"On Monday, Merkel will meet with Viktor Orbán, here in Parliament, for about an hour and a half. Many people wonder if the topics under discussion will be marked by the protesters, "stressed Andrea Hajagos.

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