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Portuguese Liga J19: Benfica maintains advantage before the visit to Sporting

On return to Light, Petit did not confirm, as coach, nicknamed "pitbull" who won there as a player. The "Angels" of Bessa entered little aggressive and Benfica, with ease, took the reins of the game. OLA John made the first warning after 8 minutes. With two Portuguese in "eleven" â€" Elisha and Pizzi-the Midas touch in red team departed from an unlikely protagonist: Maxi Pereira.

Shortly after the 20 minutes, the Uruguayan side draws a wonderful service to Lima, the Brazilian isolated, hit Benfica launched Mika to an easy victory. Ten minutes later, at the age of 33, Maxi Pereira himself to score. Short corner on the right, visitors extended a crosswalk to the Uruguayan, who, taking advantage of the table in Idris, made the 2-0, you'd get to the range.

These are the numbers of the #SLBenfica 3-0 boavistaoficial. What did you think of the game? <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/CarregaBenfica?src=hash">#CarregaBenfica</a> <a href="http://t.co/3ZN8pCU0IT">pic.twitter.com/3ZN8pCU0IT</a><p>â€" Sport Lisboa Benfica (SL_Benfica) January 31, 2015

The Eagles enter the second part asking penalty on Lima. Didn't go to 48 minutes, was at 52. But in fact it shouldn't have been. Afonso Figueiredo tips Jonas, in fact, but outside the area. The victim of the penalty, was the "executioner", scored the fifth goal in the League and sealed the 3-0.

Important victory of the whole team! Go SL_Benfica <a href="http://t.co/LK3OOuTRZi">pic.twitter.com/LK3OOuTRZi</a><p>-Eduardo Toto Salvio (totosalvio8) 31 janeiro 2015

Benfica never needed to be very dynamic, but slowed and Boavista managed to change the ball a bit. Has been improving the "Panthers" more consented that achieved. The encarnados continued to have the better odds. The 10 minutes from time, Julius Caesar suffered a muscle injury in a race without any opposing pressure. The Brazilian goalkeeper fails to visit the Alvalade. Benfica reached 49 points and was minus one goal game to revalidate the title.

Jorge Jesus: "we don't make many of the opportunities we had, but to get us out of here with many more goals". #SLBenfica

Sporting warms to the Derby

Of the leader's main rivals, Sporting was the first to take the field on Sunday. The "Lions" played in Arouca without punished Nani and Jefferson, and without Slimani, playing the African Nations Cup, where, at the same time, the Algerian was eliminated and free to return to Lisbon in time for the Derby. With eight Portuguese-seven formed at the Academy â€" in the "eleven", Sporting went full throttle and the 10 minutes the Colombian Montero and the Peruvian Carrillo had stayed close on four occasions.

End of the match. Sporting WINS! Next stop: Derby. #EuVouLáEstar pic.twitter.com/XNxrk0Lbm4

The Arouca wasn't asleep and trying to react to the pressure of visitors. Was happy. In a bid involuntàrio and trying to protect his arm, Tobias Figueiredo turns out to be touched the arm into the ball thrown by Kayembe â€" the best offensive drive of the hosts. Contrary to the rules and even the recommendations of FIFA referee Jorge Ferreira pointed out penalty. David Simon, player formed in Benfica, tricked Rui Patricio and opened the scoring on 23 minutes.

Ru10_SLB tweets that mention only the <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/SportingCP?src=hash">#SportingCP</a> won to Arouca. In Arouca. In the field of Arouca. Against Yury Mann on loan. SL<p>â€" Sporting CP (Sporting_CP) February 1, 2015

Didn't last long the advantage of Pedro Emanuel. About half an hour, an excellent offensive drive "Leonine" culminates with the seventh goal of Montero in the League â€" the Colombian equalled fellow Algerian Slimani.

The second half began with Adrien wasting great occasion to Sporting. To 62 minutes, a bid which was involuntary intervention of referee, Sporting back to draw a good offensive bid and once again with assistance from Carlos Mané, this time is Carrillo to score and mark the "somersault" on the scoreboard â€" sixth goal from Peruvian in the League.

Marco Silva: "there are no easy games. The field was hard and heavy and the Arouca is a feisty team. "#DiaDeSporting

Has been with Yury Mann in field-player ceded by Sporting the Arouca-that Tobias Figueiredo made his debut to score in the League and secured the 1-3 finish. The "Lions" are back to stay seven points behind leader and, briefly, in second position.

Lopetegui thrash Paulo Fonseca

FC Porto, however, would be in next field, receiving the Paços de Ferreira, and the image of Benfica managed an easy victory against a rival that at no time was the height of a possible surprise. A year after being fired by the "dragons", Paulo Fonseca's return to the Invicta could not have been worse â€" the coach stayed on the bench due to punishment.

The runners-up have taken over the game and reached the goal, to 29 minutes. Failure of the goalie Defend and Jackson Martinez reached the 15 goals, reinforcing the title for best "top scorer" of the League. For 40 minutes, the same Jackson is tipped when they isolated him, Helder Lopes is "yellowish". Is the idea of having been outside the area, but the referee Marco Ferreira pointed out penalty. Lent, the only Portuguese in "eleven" portista, made no mistake.

#FCPorto-P. Ferreira, 5-0. Markers/Scorers: Jackson (29 m), 07RQuaresma (40, pen., 45 m), Herrera (47 m), <a href="https://twitter.com/ctello91">ctello91 (83 m) #SomosPorto</a>

The moment of the night was coming on the cusp of half-time. Once again signed for Lent, on his return to "trivelas" up stadiums. The "mustang" tamed in Alvalade received in the area, on the right, took a front opponent, flagging for the Centre, and of "trivela", put the ball in the opposite angle. With no chance to Defend and three goals for Lent in the League.

FC Porto goal, 44 m, 3-0 #ricardoquaresma #somosporto #rq7

A video posted by Ricardo Quaresma (@ricardoquaresmaoficial) to Feb 1, 2015 at 2:44 PST

The second half began with Herrera the catch the "Gypsy" on the list of scorers. Jackson slides by pacense defense and crosses for the Mexican Bill from close range. Shortly thereafter, Seri Fabiano hit the bar and was the best achieved by visitors. The coaches move, the game lost the gas pacense Romeo was sent off with a yellow double in three minutes and Tello, to 84 minutes, set in a perfect direct-free 5-0 final, which put the dragons in second place six points out of first place and more than a third.

Video: the perfect free with that ctello91 has closed the rout (5-0) on the Paços de Ferreira. <a href="http://t.co/KhXVX1rkWU">http://t.co/KhXVX1rkWU</a> <a href="http://t.co/OwUGIY3PlS">pic.twitter.com/OwUGIY3PlS</a><p>â€" FC Porto (FCPorto) February 1, 2015

"Conquistadores" delay-if

Further is, however, the Guimarães. The Rui team Victory visited Penafiel and intermission to lose. The penultimate rank shook the Minho and defense, to 15 minutes, it was the nets to guard de Assis: João Martins FORTISSIMO Strike the culmination good move of penafidelenses. The minhotan responded after the break, but only come the draw of penalty, punishing hand ball by Pedro Ribeiro. André André made the tenth goal in the League, he isolated himself in second place of the "Gunners" and as best Portuguese from the list.

Who else has benefited from the draw of Guimarães was the nearby Braga. In the opening game of the round, the "arsenal" received the Moreirense. The visitors missed a penalty on 49 minutes, and until they were better when Pedro Santos signed for the home the only goal of the game, which leaves the Braga the fourth, colon in possession of vimaranenses.

Ends the game in the stadium of passions! #SCBraga 1-0 #Moreirense Goal: Pedro Santos (74 ') #EstamosJuntos pic.twitter.com/fpoe8DMxcR

The seven points is the river Ave. The team of Pedro Martins received the Estoril and won by 2-1. The village-condenses surpassed the "Canaries", the pacenses and Belenenses, albeit with the same points of blue, defeated (2-1) at the Hut. National put to "train" the mid-table, follows in 12°, within three points of sixth.

In tenth, however, with the same 24 points, National Maritime comes in. The team of Leonel Pontes equalized a goal in Coimbra, a result that leaves the "students" over the water line, with the same 13 points in the penultimate, the Penafiel; two of the latter, the Gil Vicente; and least two Arouca.

The "Red Lantern" ultimately received the Vitoria Setubal. The sadinos fulfilled the second game under Bruno Ribeiro, who replaced two weeks ago Domingos Paciência, and continue without losing, but this time also didn't win. A goal for each side represented the eighth draw of the "gilistas", that still only amounted to a triumph, and the third for the Victorians, who remain five points above the water line, at 14° place.

The updated #PrimeiraLiga table after Match Week 19 pic.twitter.com/1NdcxYiOaF

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