quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2015

Relations between Israel and the United States increasingly strained

Relations between Israel and the United States are more strained than ever and there are several episodes that the show. After having criticized the United States for not being firmer in a position against Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to go to the US Congress by Republicans and accepted the invitation without talking to Obama.

Netanyahu assures that "respects the White House respects the President Obama but having regard to the agreement on the table, has the duty to ensure that there is a huge danger to the State of Israel".

However, the President's national security adviser, and Susan Rice, said on a TV show that Netanyahu's decision to speak at the Congress in Washington next week is "destructive" for relations between the United States and Israel.

Also the US Secretary of State assured this Wednesday that "Israel is safer now after being given extra time to Iran to stop the nuclear program. Measure with which the Israeli Prime Minister agreed "but Kerry believes that Netanyahu was wrong".

The deputies and Senators Democrats have already said they will not attend the speech by Netanyahu, would consider an affront to the Government, which is involved in negotiations with Iran on the nuclear program. Also not scheduled any meeting between Obama and the Israeli leader. The White House explains that it has a policy of not meeting with candidates before elections. It is recalled that elections in Israel are scheduled for the day on March 17.

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