quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2015

HSBC CEO apologizes in British Parliament

"I would like to apologize, publicly, on my own behalf and on behalf of Douglas, by the unacceptable events that occurred in our Bank, in Switzerland, in the mid-2000. I want to apologize to everyone, to our customers, our shareholders, to the entire audience. Are unacceptable practices and we regret all this that just destroys HSBC's reputation. "

And the scandals list headlined by HSBC is long: among them market manipulation of exchange rates and interbank interest rates; the fraudulent sale of derivatives on interest rates and insurance products to individuals and SMEs in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year was released called Swissleaks: 100 thousand bank customers concealed more than 87 billion euros to the tax authorities of several European countries, including Portugal.

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