quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2015

Ukraine: Lavrov to strengthening the role of the OSCE

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs considers that a large number of elements in Kiev and also outside of Ukraine are favorable to the failure of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine.

Sergei Lavrov also said that the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe must have a greater role in monitoring the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line. The head of Russian diplomacy said that "a lot depends on now a honest, objective and impartial approach on the part of observers, lest sucubam to attempts to make it look like the Minsk agreements have failed, because there are many those who want you to fail."

The head of French diplomacy, which received this Tuesday the Ukrainian, Russian and German counterparts, warned that Moscow is exposed to new European sanctions if Mariupol is attacked by rebels pró-russos.

Laurent Fabius stressed that "an attack by the separatists in the direction [of Ukrainian town] will dramatically alter the situation, in particular in terms of sanctions. Was passed on fairly clear what Lavrov, Sergei if that happens, the issue of sanctions will be again placed at European level ".

Fabius explained that at the meeting with counterparts it was decided to increase the resources of the OSCE monitoring mission, though he acknowledged that "there are still enormous difficulties".

Rodrigo Barbosa | With REUTERS/AFP

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