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Ukraine: Donetsk Residents weary of the logjam of negotiations with Kiev

The city is controlled by the separatists of the self-proclaimed Republic of pró-russos Donetsk, but most basic services like gas and electricity are provided to Donetsk by the Ukrainian Government.

Even pensions are provided to the inhabitants of Donetsk, but in this case, since December, only to those who travel the territories controlled by forces loyal to Kiev, with traffic being possible to civilians, we are assured, between the two barricades.

PHOTOS: Caught in the crossfire in east Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/g8cu6vnocs

The citizens of Donetsk start, however, to reveal saturation in the face of this impasse in the search for a political solution to the region. "Until when will they have to negotiate? For me, our Ukrainian Government only understands the use of force. It's strength against strength. Don't understand anything else and continue only with promises, "accuses Nataliya Alekseyenko, a resident.

Another, Papunova, Esfira lost optimism: "I don't expect anything. I'm so tired. We've been at this for so long. As yet no results so far, I don't expect anything. "

Civilians flee eastern #Ukraine town as fighting intensifies #nocomment https://t.co/u99NrWP3K7

This week, however, the Solnechny district, in the southwest of the great Donetsk, was one of the areas hardest hit by bombings against strategic positions from the separatists.

Several buildings in a residential area, were partially destroyed and the inhabitants were even deprived of water, heating and electricity.

The worst case scenario, however, lives in Debaltsev, a town between the large cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, seen by both sides of the conflict as an important strategic point in the region. The fighting caused a severe humanitarian crisis, which prompted the temporary armistice agreement so that the civilian population should leave the city.

On 1-3 Feb UNHCRUkraine provided aid to 2, 000 evacuees from <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Debaltseve?src=hash">#Debaltseve</a> and <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Avdiivka?src=hash">#Avdiivka</a> <a href="http://t.co/JbnJXAP3yQ">http://t.co/JbnJXAP3yQ</a> <a href="http://t.co/N1uF9J3Lbj">pic.twitter.com/N1uF9J3Lbj</a><p>â€" UNHCR Ukraine (UNHCRUkraine) 4 fevereiro 2015

The humanitarian Truce began at 10:0 (minus two hours in Lisbon) and extends till 5:0 pm (3:0 pm in Lisbon), reported the separatists a pro-Russian news agency of Eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Agency RIA-Novosti reported the departure of dozens of buses from the Centre of Debaltsev with two destinations: Donetsk, the capital of the region and separatist bastion and Slaviansk, city under Ukrainian military control.

France, Germany make last-ditch peace effort as U.S. weighs arming Ukraine http://t.co/jnX2J3DP99 pic.twitter.com/ByzDAkVfXx

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