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Ukraine: hundreds of civilians enjoying truces to escape safely from Debaltsevo

The body of the High Commissioner is the Portuguese António Guterres-a mandate to finish in June but recently extended until end of this year, by indication of Ban Ki moon â€" avail this Friday a swing of nearly one million displaced people in Ukraine, as a result of the ongoing separatist conflict almost a year ago in the East of the country.

#Ukraine LATEST: Nearly 1 million displaced â€" read the latest news & data

The town of Debaltsevo is located between Donetsk and Luhansk, two of the bastions of pro-Russian rebel resistance. Faced with the serious humanitarian crisis brought on by the war, Debaltsevo the separatists agreed to a truce of seven hours, allowing the opening of a corridor for the passage of dozens of buses used on safety evacuation of civilians.

#Ukraine LATEST: Nearly 1 million displaced â€" read the latest news & data

This humanitarian operation happened on a day of important meetings at the highest international level in Moscow, which the armed forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Rozmaznin expects decisive action to end this separatist conflict which pitted against compatriots compatriots.

"We're very hopeful that the meetings between these two world leaders â€" Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin-us could lead to positive developments. It's not normal to have to be a war on the territory of a State which is, by nature, an advocate of peace ", said the military officer loyal to the Ukrainian Government.

After a short delay due to attacks by dawn against Debaltsevo-surrounded for several days by the separatists-, dozens of buses left Debaltsevo with multiple destinations of choice of citizens fleeing the war.

Some vehicles followed for cities located in Ukrainian territory controlled by the national army, as Slaviansk. Others to rebel-controlled cities like pró-russos Donetsk.

#Unhcr sends 16 ton of aid to #Donetsk where 250 people were evacuated from #Debaltseve and Vuhleghirsk Refugees <a href=""></a><p>â€" UNHCR Ukraine (UNHCRUkraine) 6 fevereiro 2015

The Russian Agency RIA-Novosti, Eduad Basurin, the Deputy Military Commander of the separatists of Donetsk, accused "the Ukrainians" Tee "mortar attacks, but not against the people." "It is simply a provocation", he claimed.

The buses proceeded to the evacuation of almost 3 thousand civilians left in parking lots protected by Ukrainian army military. In the various entrances to the city, there were also tanks of the armed forces of the Ukrainian Government to ensure safe passage out of the humanitarian convoy.

#Unhcr provided 120 beds in Artemivsk #Ukraine for evacuees from #Debaltseve arriving tonight with 4 buses Refugees <a href=""></a><p>â€" UNHCR Ukraine (UNHCRUkraine) 6 fevereiro 2015

Of Francisco Marques | With LUSA, REUTERS

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