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Ukraine: An unstable truce

"Every day, morning and evening, there are shots of mortars and howitzers. The tanks are firing at us. "

The ceasefire in the East of Ukraine is still hanging by a thread.

Even if the two parties are to comply with the agreed, as regards the withdrawal of heavy artillery from the front line, the rebels are pró-russos to strengthen the bases outside the town of Debalsteve, where the last battles before the entry into force of the truce.

The Ukrainian army accuses Russia of continuing to arm the rebels: "Contradicting the Minsk agreement to Russia continues to arm the rebels in the region of Donbass. According to information available to us on the day 21 of February reached 60 armored units, including tanks and combat vehicles from the Russian Federation, to Amvrosiivka railway station, in the Donetsk region ", says Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian army.

Lysenko didn't stick around and spoke also of two columns of a total of 47 trucks of goods carrying ammunition, which were seen in the region of Luhansk. The rebels accuse the Ukrainian troops of also do not comply with the ceasefire: "every day, morning and evening, there are shots of mortars and howitzers. The tanks fire on us. In a village near here there are pumps on the floor left by exploding, "says a rebel soldier.

The European Union can now enact new sanctions on Russia, if it prove the direct involvement of Moscow in the rebel weaponry and the continuation of the breaking of the ceasefire.

By Ricardo Figueira | With AFP, APTN, REUTERS

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