terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

Turkish operation in Syria justified by risk of attack

The military operation over the weekend to evacuate and destroy the former location was classified by Damascus as a "blatant aggression".

The Turkish Prime Minister said on Sunday that "no one should doubt the power and determination of Turkey. Wherever there is a single stone representing a part of Turkish heritage, [Turkish forces have] a duty to protect her ".

Ankara supports the bilateral Treaty of 1921 signed with France â€" which occupied then the Syria-to claim sovereignty over the area of the mausoleum. The initial location, next to the castle of Jaber, the Tomb had been moved, in the years 70, to the outskirts of Karakozak village.

The area was surrounded by fighters of the extremist group Islamic State and the fear of an attack was the justification given by the Turkish authorities to the military operation, the first foray into Syrian territory since the beginning of the civil war.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With REUTERS

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