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Africans ask Marshall plan to recover from Ebola

This is the first day of school, in Liberia after a seven-month closure because of the Ebola epidemic. Is the result of the significant fall in the number of cases detected since the beginning of 2015. Liberia reopens schools, four weeks after Guinea and six weeks after Sierra Leone. The three countries are at the epicenter of the epidemic unleashed in December 2013: 23500 infected people, of whom 9380 died, according to the most recent balance sheet of the who.

About 60% of patients of Ebola have not survived. Pabai Muse is a survivor. Discharged from hospital last November, but this is the first time you get in the House. Autoexilou to protect the wife of contagion.

LEEN Verhenne, DFD of medical treatment center of the Ebola virus:

"The semen is infected during 90 days, even after symptoms disappear. In this case, all male survivors who lived in our facilities, carry with them prservativos free for the period that the virus is still active, it is important to have protected sex ".

According to the experts, the retreat of Ebola due to application of better rules of hygiene, washing hands, traceability and registration of contacts, as well as changing the entrerros rituals that facilitated the contagion â€" played the dead in open coffins. The contagion began to slow down, what was the goal of the who, which aims to 0 cases in April. Ebola also affected the health-care system of these three countries in West Africa, as well as their economies.

Map | EU assistance to #Ebola-affected region via EUCPM and by Member States. http://t.co/0c7pykfr8a #EbolaResponse pic.twitter.com/v4hkVIVtqH

The Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, argues that we need a Marshall Plan to recover economically and win the war against the virus.

But it is necessary to combat prejudices, conspiracy theories surrounding the epidemic, stigma of survivors and certain habits, to can win definitely Ebola.

Est. 2015 economic output losses from #Ebola in West Africa: $1.49B http://t.co/sasxwmHWsv #IHSQuarterly #economy pic.twitter.com/vR1vYmackO

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